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Artist Sarah Rhodes in Conversation
26 March @ 5:30pm
 Join us for drinks with artist Sarah Rhodes as she discusses her touring exhibition Home/On Country. Sarah's photographs tell the story of Indigenous Elders' connection to country, how different their relationship with their culture is and the challenge of negotiating western and Indigenous culture. Far from capturing a single moment in time, Sarah's portraits are tangible histories of the events and experiences that create an individual identity.  


Sarah Rhodes: Home/On Country

1 March - 15 April

Home / On Country is an exhibition of works by Sydney-based photographer Sarah Rhodes featuring Indigenous Elders of the region wearing their language group's possum skin cloak.

The images celebrate the role of the possum skin cloak in strengthening cultural identity, connection to Country and the Elders' pride in the revitalisation of this traditional cultural symbol.

 The project was inspired by the two reproduction possum skin cloaks in the National Museum of Australia collection and original cloaks in Museum Victoria.